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I am at a crossroad: should I settle for a profitable business or follow my passion?

Today I got this message from an entrepreneur: "I am at a crossroad: to choose between letting go of a profitable activity, but which does not represent me, and transforming my passion into a business, as in doing what I like and taking ownership for my results."

This message resonated with me as, not long ago, when asking another client of mine about his biggest regret in business he told me that he regrets to have chosen a business model non-compatible with his know-how and values. So soon, the business transformed into a burden.

So here is my reply:

I have never seen someone excel at something that was not passionate about. I know that you can be successful in anything as long as you put your mind and effort to it, but the motivation, for the long run, won't be there.

With each bump in the road you will question yourself: "Why am I doing this?", "Shouldn't I just give it up?", "Isn't there something else I could do instead?".

And these questions won't move you forward.

I know that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and that change is not easy-peasy, but you should think of the future you and future happiness.

In suggest a visualisation exercise that might help you understand yourself and what you want from life better: the rocking chair.

Imagine yourself at age of 90. You are sitting on your rocking chair on a veranda, perhaps with nice warm blanket and a beautiful view. And you look back at your life. Reflect and write down – what are those things in life you are most proud of? Things you created, learned, people you were connected with, that at this point on you rocking chair make you most proud, fulfilled and make you feel you lived a great satisfying life?

If you prefer guided 7 minutes video, find it here.

Time is our most valuable asset and it is something that, while on this Earth, we should spend most wisely.

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