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3 tips for getting out of a professional limbo

Recently, one of my clients was telling me that she feels in a constant limbo when referring to her professional life and that she lost her identity as a professional. So what could she do?

First of all, I congratulate you if you have this level of awareness that makes you understand you lost your professional identity. Most of the people can't identify why they are miserable at work and never get the chance to do something about it. Second of all, you have to understand that getting out of this "limbo" is an entire process, a process with highs and lows. And it requires consistency and drive from you as to get back your identity.

I've always had the most dreadful professional experiences and now I wonder: is there any chance for me to change that or should I just get used to it?

Definitely you could do something about it. And you should.

Why to adjust to a dreadful situation when there are so many unexplored options?

Here are 3 tips for starting getting back your professional identity:

Seek help

Either you seek a professional help or an informal one, you need it. If you have been in the situation for a long time, chances are that you can't see the bigger picture and you are subjective. Therefore bouncing back ideas with someone, will help you a lot. Moreover, the process might scare you at some point and the possibility of change might disturb you. Therefore you need someone to check on you and remind you why did you start the whole process in the first place.

Get your shit down on paper

The good and the bad, the entire history, all the learnings - put them on paper! It will be useful to revisit them when you get lost in the process. And also it will be the starting point of your action plan. Drawing the learnings is the best thing you can do to get the most out of an unpleasant situation.

Be as detailed as possible

When drawing the desired future, be as specific as possible and put all the details in there. This is a good tool for visualisation of a better future. It will also inspire you and it will make you more aware of what you really want. With nothing left to chance, you will be more confident and bullet-proof.

I remind you that the process is intense and long, but those 3 tips will get you going down the road of change.

Go get it!


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